Activities & Vendors

Discover Sunday

Discover young, talented, up-and-coming Louisville artists all day at PeteFest’s Discover Sunday. We proudly dedicate PeteFest to the young people in our society who have the opportunity to bring change to the way we perceive mental health.
So come and enjoy Sunday’s special lineup and savor the unique mix of feeling the beat and the revelation.

Sunrise yoga

Bring your yoga mats and start your mornings with a relaxing, empowering yoga session with our amazing trained Yogis! It’s the perfect way to kick off your day after a fun party night with music, dancing, camping, drinking, and partying.

Festival Village

Visit the Pete Village to view art and culture, and shop local vendors for unique crafts and merchandise, as well as deliciously authentic KY food trucks.


Enjoy the many impressive art installations created by Louisville’s talented artists around the festival grounds.

Food and Drinks