Announcing the First Annual PeteFest Music Festival

The Pete Foundation presents the first annual PeteFest Music Festival on September 8-10, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky. Come out and enjoy the best local Kentucky food, music, art, scenery, and activities!

PeteFest aims to raise funds and awareness for mental health advocacy  while providing a fun, exciting, thought-provoking, and truly inspiring experience for all.  In addition to spreading the love and appreciation of music, culture, art, and community through local artists and businesses, PeteFest focuses on environmental conservation and outdoor recreation. Come Dance, sing, camp, jam, celebrate; come feel the beat and the revelation with friends, family, and total strangers; come ready to Rock the Elephant at PeteFest 2017!

The festival venue is a stunning nature preserve that offers scenic Kentucky views with gently rolling hills and extensive camping area.  Picture a full platform stage, framing diverse local artists, set among the trees and facing a bluegrass pasture.

With the realization that depression and anxiety affect people in our community starting at a very young age, a main goal of PeteFest is to bring awareness to the stigmas that surround mental health, in part by providing a safe space for all people to exercise open-mindedness, expression, and support for others. The Pete Foundation is a local charity that seeks to instill a culture in which dialogue surrounding depression and anxiety is met with understanding and acceptance by providing services and experiences for young people. That is why Sunday of the festival is dedicated to our community’s youth. Sunday’s lineup features exclusively young, up-and-coming local artists who are here to make a difference.

The Pete Foundation was founded in December of 2016 after the brilliant, imaginative, loving, and kind-hearted Pete Jones took his own life.  Pete was an avid percussionist who played in local youth orchestras before he went to college, where he graduated at the top of his class.  His love of music will live on through this music festival.

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